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Any -Omic

Nearly every healthcare decision can be optimized through trans-omics. Today, a moderate number of healthcare decisions can be made based on a single genetic variant or based on a single type of analysis. But the research is evolving. Soon, we will use genomics, proteomics, epigenomics, metagenomics, and other biomarkers to enhance decision support for diagnostics and treatments.

Flexible and high-performance

Welcome to point and click clinical genomics.

30X faster than standard methods with no special hardware

Able to analyze any -omic with the latest and most popular research and clinical tools

User-friendly application with no coding needed, share pipelines and collaborate easily and securely

Automated biobanking and built-in machine learning

As you run tests and process data, our platform is automatically organizing and merging genomics and other molecular data with clinical information. In effect, by simply using the Omic platform you will be building a secure, high-performance data lake with embedded machine learning and other analytical tools to further improve healthcare decisions over time and build differentiation in care.

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